2 Oils for Hair Growth

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Hair growth is becoming one the most common topics around the world. Men and Women are looking for effective ways to either stop hair loss or improve their hair growth rate. It´s always good to know what exactly is causing the problem, but it could be hard sometimes since there are several factors that might be cause.

Most common factors are hormonal changes, stress, depression, air pollution, hereditary problems and aging. In some cases poor lifestyle can also lead to hair loss problems. While many products in the market claim to be the best to treat hair problems, it´s good to choose the ones based on natural extracts. People with hair loss problems mistakingly focus on the hair itself, but the hair are basically dead protein, and it’s the scalp that actually needs to be treated in order to prevent the problem, that´s why it´s a good idea to use oils for hair growth.

Make Sure Your Scalp is Clean

The first step to improve hair growth is to ensure a clean skin scalp. Think of it as the base of your growing hair. When you use all those styling products on your hair, some chemicals will remain on the strands, but mainly on your scalp skin. Clogged hair follicles will have difficulties to grow new hair. In the worst case, the follicle will be too weak to grow strong hair and eventually won´t be able to grow hair anymore.

Once you have a clean skin scalp, it is time to protect your strands to make them stronger. A normal person will grow hair at a rate of half an inch per month. This doesn´t apply for every person, but you can improve this rate by using oils for hair growth.

Olive Oil for Hair Growth—Benefits

Applying olive oil regularly on your scalp will provide a healthier place for you hair to grow. Massage you scalp with your fingers while applying it to ensure better blood circulation, which will help hair follicles not receiving enough oxygen and nutrients.

Regular Use of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil creates a protection around your strands; this will prevent split ends and breakage. Hair is made of proteins; therefore it needs proteins and nutrients to grow healthy and strong. This oil will provide those essential nutrients to improve hair growth. Again, apply this oil directly on your scalp, massaging with your finger tips. Using coconut oil regularly will ensure better growth rate.

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