3 Hair Growth Solutions

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The good news for people looking for hair growth solutions is that there are plenty available. Also, out of the available solutions, there are many that are natural. Here are three broad categories of hair growth remedies:

Chinese Herbs

Chinese have been using herbs found in their part of the world for hair growth since a long time. Today you can purchase these hair growth remedies by taking a trip to the market.


Known as Ginnsuu in China, Ginseng is used for treating several different conditions. Its ability to treat hair loss and male pattern baldness has been known since long. Why it’s effective as a hair growth herb is still a mystery, but Chinese medical texts greatly mention its hair growth qualities.


Fo-ti or he-shou-wu as it’s called in China is another effective herb for hair growth. Although there is no scientific proof of its effectiveness as an agent of hair growth, it is bought by many people who want their hair to be healthy.

Plant Oils

Plant oils are used by many for their hair care benefits. These oils can cleanse, nourish and strengthen your hair. Here are some of the essential plant oils that can be used for hair care:

Tea Tree Oil

This oil normalizes the functions of the sebum producing sebaceous gland, resulting in normal levels of sebum, which gives a non-greasy look to your. Tea tree oil is also effective in treating dandruff and its effectiveness improves further when used with olive oil. Furthermore, since it moisturizes your scalp, it has a special importance among the oils used for promoting hair growth.

Basil and Peppermint Oil

These oils help in improving the circulation of blood to the hair and are beneficial for people whose hair is thinning. They also help in controlling oily hair.

Citrus Oil

This oil controls excessive sebum in your hair and cleans the hair; therefore, it is good for hair growth. Sources of citrus oil include lemon, grapefruit, etc.

Foods for Hair Growth

Protein Foods

One of the foods that you should include in your diet for hair growth is foods that are good sources of protein. These include both animal sources, such as beef, fish, chicken, eggs and cheese and plant sources such as soy. A balanced diet that contains protein as well as carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in appropriate proportions is vital for healthy hair.

These are three different hair growth solutions that you can consider.

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