6 Steps to Enhance Hair Growth

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Methods to enhance hair growth are as varied as the people who crave long hair. Yet, easy and steady hair growth is as simple to achieve as understanding what promotes a healthy environment for that to take place. Since hair is technically dead protein, in order to optimize hair growth you must have healthy hair follicles, balanced hormone levels and good overall health. Here are 6 steps to enhance hair growth.

Step 1

Cut off hair that are damaged, and get trims on a regular basis to remain free of damaged hair. Although damaged strands, such as split ends, may give the hair a longer look overall, they cause further damage, such as when the split inevitably extends up the hair shaft.

Step 2

Be gentle in handling your hair, especially if it’s wet. Don’t brush your hair too much (100 strokes a day for healthier hair is just a myth); don’t pile it on top of your head while washing; don’t rub vigorously with a towel for drying it. The excessive friction caused by these actions promotes hair breakage by stripping and splitting the ends and increasing tangles and stretch strands. Since wet hair is more elastic and less resilient, handling it roughly can be even more damaging.

Step 3

After shampooing your hair, use a conditioner to protect it and make it more manageable. Regular use of a deep conditioner or hot oil treatments can help maintain moisture levels.

Step 4

Avoid hairstyles and hair accessories that pull hard on the scalp, hair strands, and hair follicles, such as hair extensions, headbands, braids, and other up-dos. Don’t rub, twist or pull your hair. Continuous pressure on the hair eventually results in the breakage of hair strands. Prolonged tension can cause both temporary and permanent damage to hair follicles. Permanents damage leads to bald spots and a receding hairline.

Step 5

Eat a diet that’s well-balanced and contains protein. Insufficient protein can result in thinner hair or hair that grows abnormally. Conversely, protein rich diets can boost the hair growth process which results in stronger hair. Vitamins C and E supplements may also prove useful in hair growth enhancement, but it’s important that you consult a doctor before using them.

Step 6

Avoid or reduce the use color, perms, and blow dryers as they make your hair brittle and dry. Products that ‘freeze’ hair or hold it in place for long periods of time make it more difficult to comb it without breaking strands.

These are 6 steps you can follow to enhance hair growth.

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