Aloe Vera for Hair Growth?

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Thousands are looking for effective methods to improve hair grow or stop hair loss. Several factors can lead to hair loss and slow hair growth, such as medical treatments, age, illness, medications, stress and hormonal problems. Every person loses around fifty to one hundred hair strands daily, this is part of a completely normal process of your body, and hair follicles in your head will grow those strands back. You have to worry only if more than  the normal amount of strands are shedding on a daily basis day.

If one of the factors mentioned above is causing your hair to grow slowly or shed more than it normally does, then it is time to look for the best way to treat this condition.

Aloe Vera is a well known natural remedy for preventing hair loss and improving hair growth among Indian, American and Caribbean people. Using Aloe Vera for hair growth has been a common practice among these people for many years; they apply this extract in its raw form directly on their hair, which promotes a healthier and stronger hair.

Nowadays you can find Aloe Vera for hair growth in different forms; you can use it, for instance, in the form of a gel. It is also aviable for shampooing you hair.

Aloe vera is very popular in the market for hair loss and hair growth because of its effectiveness, but in order to get the most benefits from the plant’s extracts, you may want to use it in its raw form. Most of the products available will combine this extract with synthetic ingredients or chemicals, which may not allow the results desired. Apply Aloe Vera directly on your scalp skin, massaging with your finger tips to stimulate blood circulation at the same time. The enzymes contained in this extract will not only speed up the growing process, but also will encourage hair follicles to grow new hair.

But, why is Aloe Vera so effective for hair growth? In the case of hair loss problems, Aloe Vera basically reactivates hair follicles that are not growing hair. Because of the vitamins present in it—vitamin A, E, C, B2, B6 and B12—the existing hair will grow healthier and stronger and new hair will start growing as well, stopping hair loss problems and promoting faster hair growth. Besides, its extract does a great job in moisturizing the skin scalp.

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