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Our hair goes through the stages of growth, rest and falling out. After strands of hair fall out, new ones replace them. Loss of 50 to 100 hairs per day is considered normal, and is hardly American hair growth centers all over the country are offering excellent new treatments that show great promise for people looking to get rid of their hair loss problem.

Hair gradually thin with age—that’s normal. But there are certain types of hair loss that may be due to other factors as well: You may be losing hair normal because its heredity trait of your family; you are taking certain medications; or have certain medical conditions. Other causes of baldness include diseases, such as lupus and diabetes, stress, chemotherapy or radiation treatments, poor nutrition, stress, hormonal imbalances, chemical hair treatments, and scalp infections.

Pattern Baldness is the most common type of baldness. It is characterized by less vigorous hair growth and easy falling out of hair. Pattern baldness affects about 1/3rd of men and women, and is generally permanent.

Temporary hair loss may occur abruptly or gradually and may cause bald patches or overall thinning of hair. Bald patches can also develop from your hairstyle if it pulls on the strands of hair, as in the case of braids and cornrows.

Baldness is not curable, but treatments can help in promoting new hair growth. In recent times, medications and surgical treatments have improved considerably in recent years, but one of the most exciting treatment options is laser therapy. Laser therapy involves the use of laser light on the scalp, improving circulation and increasing cell growth. With quality laser therapy treatment, the chances of inflammation are eliminated and your wounds will also heal rapidly. Without any type of heat, a cold laser penetrates the scalp but does not damage your skin.

Lasers treatments often provide the best results when used as a part of a multi-step process. Hair growth goes hand in hand with your overall health; that’s why it’s important to get rid of harmful chemicals and detoxify your scalp. Majority of popular shampoos have chemicals. Using a natural, nutritional shampoo and conditioner aids in keeping your hair follicles clean and blood circulating. You can manually remove the toxins with a scalp massage. The massage restores the body’s ability to nourish the scalp.

Exercise assists in reducing stress to the body and increases blood circulation to the hair follicles.

At American hair growth centers, hair restoration involves the use of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids to get rid of your dry or oily skin and balance hormone levels.

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