Anorexia Hair Growth

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Anorexia equals hair growth might be interpreted in two ways – either anorexia promotes hair growth or anorexia affects hair growth.  Between the two most probable interpretations, the later is the only thing true.

Anorexia, in the simplest term, can be described as self-starvation. It is marked by an extreme consciousness for body weight that causes one to consciously, sub-consciously, or unconsciously abstain from eating food in order to maintain a weight that is below than the normal ideal weight for their body mass index. This is commonly labeled as an eating disorder. People suffering from anorexia eat in nutritionally unsound ways in order to restrict calories from intervening in their body system. Thus, it follows that proper nutrients are denied to work properly for normal body functions. Among the many body functions that can be disturbed by anorexia is hair growth.

Poor nutrition affects the entire body, including hair growth. Manifestation of anorexia may be experienced through hair loss, brought about by lack of protein and other essential nutrients that make hair growth sustainable. Hair loss is just one of hair problems an anorexic person may encounter. Thinning of hair, dryness and hair brittleness might be noticeable to someone with anorexia. This is also because of lack of nutrients that are essential in maintaining a healthy hair growth such as vitamins A and B complex. Lack of water could also have a great impact in our hair. Water, being an essential component of a health diet, is needed in order to rehydrate the body. Unnecessary body liquids are drained by the body through urinating, sweating, and others. We need water in order to rehydrate whatever amount of liquid we lost. Without water, we may not be able to release unnecessary substances absorbed by the hair. Such thing is what commonly happens to persons suffering anorexia, thus inhibiting their hair growth as well. Aside from these, an anorexic person may start growing soft, downy hair on their body called lanugo. Lanugo serves as the natural defense of the body against cold temperature which is very common for persons suffering from anorexia.


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