Arm Hair Growth

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Arm hair is among the 5 million hair that grow on your head and body. It is shorter and thinner compared to hair on the head and other body parts, such as underarms. Arm hair growth occurs in both males and females, and the hairs can act as sensory receptors, alerting us to wind, and other things.

Hair Structure

All types of hair have two basic structures: the follicle (the skin), and the shaft (visible part above the skin). The hair follicle is composed of several layers, and all of them perform different functions. At the follicle’s base is the papilla. It contains tiny blood vessels that provide nourishment to hair cells. The living portion of hair, known as the bulb, is also at the follicle’s base. Bulb cells divide every 23 to 72 hours. The hair follicle is surrounded by an inner and an outer sheath. The sheaths form and protect the shafts. The inner sheaths are connected to the sebaceous glands, also known as oil glands, which provide natural conditioning to the hair and skin.

Hair Growth

Hair follicle produces new cells for a period of time before entering a rest phase in which the hair falls out. Arms hairs stop growing, or go into the rest phase, every two months. This is the reason why arm hair does not grow as long as the hair on your head, which has a two to six-year long growth cycle.

Vellus Hair

Hair on the arm is known as vellus hair and is short, soft and fine. Some people have darker Vellus hair than others. Vellus hair that grows on your arms and other parts of the body helps it in maintaining a steady temperature, as it provides some insulation.


Arm hair change during puberty—they thicken and become more noticeable. The color of arm hair is many times similar to the color of head hair—but not always. ‘Mismatched’ hair is not unusual. The pigment called melanin determines arm hair color. Post puberty, your body will increase sebum production. The production again decreases with age, especially in women.


If you dislike your arm hair, there are several options for removing it. Shaving will get rid of it for one to three days. Delapatories can last for many days, even weeks. Electrolysis is supposed to be permanent solution, but some people do re-grow their hair. Laser also stops arm hair growth, but it can be expensive and cause inflammation or redness.

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