Asian Hair Growth Facts

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Hair ethnicities have scientific differences among each other and Asian hair is stronger, more resilient to damage and less likely to suffer from hair loss than other types of hair. Here are some Asian hair growth facts.


The diameter of Asian hair is twice that of Caucasian hair. It also has a much thicker cuticle. Majority of hair types have around five layers of cuticles while Asian hair has closer to ten.

Amount of Hair

Asian’s have anywhere between 80,000 and 140,000 hairs on their scalp, but they usually have fewer hairs per square centimeter compared to Caucasians. (They also tend to have less hair on their face and body.) However, due to the thickness of the individual hair shafts, Asians appear to have greater hair density.

Hair Growth

Asian hair grows at a rate of 1.3 centimeters per month, which is faster than Caucasian and Afro-Caribbean hair. It also has the longest growth cycle, lasting up to nine years compared to the two- to seven-year average growth cycle.

Hair Shed

Asians also shed fewer hairs per day on average and tend to experience less balding. For every Asian man that becomes bald there are three Caucasian bald men, some sources say. Asians also get grey hair at a later stage; the reason for this is still not known.

Hair Thinning

The chances of experiencing overall hair thinning, however, are greater in Asian women compared to Caucasian or Afro-Caribbean.

Reaction to Hair Treatments

According to The Belgravia Centre, Asian hair usually gives a quicker response to hair loss treatments, probably because it grows faster than other hair types.

Moisture and Dryness

Asian hair is generally more porous, thus it absorbs and retains moisture more quickly. The hair has a medulla that contains plenty of dark pigment, which is considered as a contributor to its shine and high moisture content. However, since Asian hair is thicker and sometimes longer, it also has a tendency to lose more moisture, which can result in it becoming dry and developing split ends.


Asian countries are the chief source of human hair used in the making of wigs and hair extensions, because the hair is straight, long, strong, and normally chemical free.

The growth of hair is mainly determined by the shape of the follicle. Since Asian hair growth follicles are almost always completely circular, Asians usually have very straight hair.

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