Causes of Hair Damage and Olive Oil for Hair Growth

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Hair loss is, of course, not something new, people have been dealing with this problem for centuries, but these days it has gained popularity due to many factors, such as bad or poor lifestyles.

Our life is affected by several factors, such as pollution, wind, exposure to sun, bad diet and late sleeping habits, among others. Eventually, the parts of your body will start showing the negative effects of these factors—hair is no exception. When it comes to hair care, it´s necessary to take care of your hair internally and externally. There are different effective methods to prevent and cure hair loss problems, but let´s take a look at the causes of this problem.


Sunlight could provide some benefits to the body, but exposing your hair to sunlight for long periods of time is very harmful. Sunlight will damage your hair the same way it would damage your skin, it will promote dryness, which is one of the causes of hair breakage, slowing down your hair growth. Now consider pollution.


These days majority of us are exposed to polluted air, which is not only harmful for the lungs, but also for hair and skin. Hair is exposed to pollution all the time; this causes many chemicals to be accumulated on the skin of your scalp and the hair itself. If your hair follicles get clogged up, you hair will start growing thinner and weaker, and will eventually stop growing. This is why maintaining your hair and scalp is very important for hair growth

Olive Oil

There are some natural methods to prevent hair loss, including the use of natural oils, such as olive oil. You should consider olive oil for hair growth, because, when applied directly on the skin of your scalp, it will act as clarifying agent, removing dirt and chemicals that have accumulated in the affected area. The method of use is simple—you just have to use your finger tips to massage the oil on your head.

Along with using olive oil for hair growth, you should also pay attention to other factors that may be causing the problem. Poor lifestyle also affects hair growth in a negative way. If your diet does not contain sufficient amounts of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals, your hair will not able to get the nourishment it requires for staying healthy. Therefore, you should combine the use of olive oil with a balanced diet to improve hair growth.

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