Connection Between Diet And Hair Growth

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Diet and hair growth are linked in a direct way. Everything you eat is a part of your body, and hair is a living organism on your head. It needs vitamins, proteins and other nutritional compounds in order to sustain its life. Because of this, some part of what you eat goes directly into your hair, this is why diet and hair growth are very important. If your body does not receive the proper food, that it will grow a thin hair in a very long time. Hair and nail are both products of the skin, so in order to have a great hair and long healthy nails; you first have to have a healthy skin. The basic vitamin for skin is E vitamin and D that is also essential for the bones and the keratin production.

Eating fruits is the best thing that you can do for hair growth. Apples and strawberries have a great complex of such vitamins and if eaten regularly it will defiantly show. Vegetables like pea or beans have lots of B vitamin that also is needed in your body. A low fat diet also insures a healthy body and a rapid hair growth. In the process of digestion, these vitamins are spread trough out the body. When the body does not receive enough vitamins and proteins, it basically sends the few supplies that he has to other parts of the body that need it to survive, and your hair is left out. So, having a diet full of vitamins and proteins will provide both for your body and you hair the nutritional element that these need.

Having vitamins supply is not all that it takes. The proteins and vitamins have to get to your hair, and they do this with some help from amino acids. Food has plenty of them so to have a healthy diet it’s very important for the right things to get to the right place. Diet alone can help you grow a beautiful hair if you are on a healthy food regime, this way you will not even need the food suppliers.

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