Connection Between Emu Oil And Hair Growth

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If your hair is thin and easy breakable, this might be the cause of your genetically heritance or the cause of a poor diet. Hair can also grow thin if you have been using medicine that has this side effect or medicine that helps hair to grow. The way to make your hair thicker is by emu oil. Emu oil and hair growth are related at a direct level. This oil contains a lot of essential elements that make hair grow and thicken up. Emu oil is available in drugstores but also pharmacies and it can be ordered online if you don’t like the traditional way of shopping.

Unlike other things that can be applied on the hair to make it stronger and grow faster, emu oil and hair growth is a very easy thing to achieve. Not only because it’s cheap, but because of the fact that it has no smell to disturb you or to make you wash your hair four times to get rid of it, and it does not leave any greasy marks on your clothes or your skin.

Emu oil is used in several hair growth masks, but you can use it alone, and you don’t need to create a mixture with it. Applying it every evening can have great results in just one month. Your hair, can double its growth, provided that you have a healthy diet and that you don’t use things that can damage your hair like styling products.

It is best to leave your hair to grow natural until it reaches your wanted length, by applying emu oil. After this you can have it diced in any color that you want, just remember to use the oil at least once a week.

Massaging your scalp while applying this oil would be perfect, because this not only helps the absorption but it also helps the blood flow and give the hair follicles the thing they need to grow hair faster like vitamins. By massaging your scalp with emu oil, your hair will not only become thicker but it will also grow faster by increasing the activity on your scalp.

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