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Mn refers to a cream called Monistat that is used for medical treatment of mycosis, fungus and other types of infections. This cream is now being used for hair growth to. Apparently, people figured out that the treated area grows hair a lot faster than the rest of the body, and decided to use it on their scalp. As crazy as it may sound, it can actually work for two simple reasons. The first one is that the cream improves the skins functions by helping it to heal faster. This provides that the skin grows hair faster for protection. Appling it to your head will stimulate the scalp to do the same thing. The second reason is that this cream has nitrate that stimulates the blood flow, thus helping follicles to grow hair faster.

This means that the blood is actually feeding the follicles and they grow hair by a natural way. Unlike other medicine, these can grow hair by the natural way and you don’t have to worry that the hair will grow thin or that it will brake off.

Basically, this is what this cream does. But before you use it, make sure that you are not allergic to the product or any of the substances that it is made of. Furthermore, there are other ways for you to grow a beautiful hair that don’t involve a vaginal cream.

The product can be bought online but you can also get it at drugstores if you are interested. You can even perform a test on one part of your hair to see if it really helps your hair to grow. Because some things can work for some people, this does not mean that you are one of those people, so before using this cream on daily basis you should see if it actually works. If you have diced hair, it’s perfect, because you can see the progress from the roots to the diced hair.

If this is showing no progress at all you should try other ways of growing hair. Not only this, but this cream can not be used for more than a moth with no side effects.

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