Connection Between MSM And Hair Growth

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MSM is short for methyl- sulfonyl-methane and can be found in the human body but also in some foods. The foods that have this substance are some vegetables, tea milk and coffee. It was recently discovered the fact that coffee has a great effect on hair growth and the benefits of the caffeine were largely disputed, but no one could contest the results. The caffeine increases hair growth especially in man and particularly because of this substance.

But this is not the only way you will find MSM. The compound can also be included in pills or preparations that usually work for producing keratin which is the major substance needed for a healthy hair growth. MSM and hair growth has little effect by placing them on the scalp because the transition has to be made at a cellular level.

This enzyme is able to transform the male hormone, testosterone into dyhidrotestosteron thus, inhibiting the process of hair loss. Because in man, this has a genetic cause, it goes up to the level where it fools hormones and stops the hair loss process. The follicles than start producing new hair and the scalp get’s a full recovery regarding the hair growth.

The results of MSM for hair growth are scientifically proven by a group of patients. On group of people ware exposed to the MSM, the other group has been exposed to a placebo effect. The results were relevant as the placebo group showed no improvement and the group exposed at the enzyme showed 100% improvement in hair growth.

As the full effect of this substance is not yet reviled, further studies are conducted to find out the whole properties of this substance.

Since this substance has been used for other reasons, it is fully known that it has the propriety to increase keratin levels. The keratin is a substance that helps hair to grow strong and healthy. The enzyme boots hair growth by increasing the body’s production of keratin. This not only has a result on hair growth but also on growing strong nails because nails also have keratin as a basic compound.

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