Connection Between Pregnancy and Hair Growth

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Pregnancy and hair growth are linked in several ways, mostly due to changes in hormones in a woman’s body while carrying a child. The female hormone estrogen is the main hormone known to cause differences in hair growth with women and men. But during pregnancy, women hold another advantage through the increased production of the hormone called progesterone. This hormone is usually found in a female’s body but its levels increase greatly during pregnancy. Progesterone and estrogen stimulate both rapid and thicker hair growth in women. Some of your hair follicles are usually in a latent state meaning that they either are not yet producing hair or that they have stopped producing hair. Progesterone is known to stimulate these follicles into a state of grow causing a pregnant women to be able to grow thicker hair faster than usual. In some cases, higher levels of progesterone can cause unwanted hair growth in other parts of the body. But this is a reversible side effect that usually subsides once the pregnancy ends. Unwanted hair growth such as growth on the face or back can usually only last a few months.

Another reason why pregnancy and hair growth are linked are the pills that women take while pregnant. These prenatal vitamins mostly contain vitamins, minerals and proteins that assist a pregnant women’s body in sustaining a healthy embryo. These pills also support the woman’s body overall supplying the hair with additional proteins and vitamins that cause it to grow easier and faster. Another reason why women experience more rapid hair growth during pregnancy is that they traditionally tend to sleep and rest more because their body demands it. And as this heightened amount of rest greatly reduces stress, it can have positive effects on hair growth. Because the body does not waste as much of its needed nutrients during pregnancy, the hair receives a better supply of what it needs to grow properly.

If you love the hair you have been able to grow while pregnant, you can easily keep it by continuing the good behaviors you established following your pregnancy. And while the hormone changes will shift back to normal after breast-feeding, continuing to consume a better diet and get lots of rest are lifestyle changes that can sustain positive hair growth following pregnancy. You may find it difficult to maintain your hair with attention necessary to raise a small child. But keeping up with the regimen of good dietary behavior you established while carrying your baby can have long-term effects on your hair. Some women even decide to continue to take prenatal vitamins after pregnancy ends just for the benefits it can have on their hair. But one thing is for sure, if you return to eating a poor diet, your hair will most likely return to the state it was in before you experienced better hair growth during your pregnancy.

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