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Castor oil can grow a beautiful thick hair, that has no split ends and that looks just like the hair from magazines. You may think that this is impossible without some special treatments, but it is actually very possible to achieve a nice hair by a natural way. Castor oil hair growth has been proven millions of times. To convince yourself you can even check out forums on hair growth and see pictures of the people that show how they hair has grown by using this product. The oil is completely natural, and it has a very light smell. It is very greasy and hard to remove form your hair, but a castor oil hair growth will not only make hair to grow faster, but it will also make it thicker and a lot stronger.

In order for it to work, it has to be used intensively in the first days. If you have a much damaged hair, you can trim off the split ends as much as you want to and apply castor oil every two days in the first week. After the first week you can only use it for about three times a week. If you have diced hair, its color will be significantly reduced due to the numerous hair washes that you need to perform.

In the first week, you can sleep with this thing on your head. In the second week make sure to stay with it only for a few hours. After the second week, you can start applying just one time every week for half a year. You will be surprised with the results. Your hair will be so thick and resistant that you will not even recognize it. It will grow a lot faster and it will have less and less split ends. Other than this, you will not have to cut your hair frequently, just make sure to take of a half of inch every two months or so.

If you also massage your scalp and have a healthy diet, this is even better, because your hair will grow faster, making it easier to maintain its length.

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