Connection of Marijuana Hair Growth

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Connection Of Marijuana Hair GrowthWhat are the facts about marijuana and its influence on your ability to grow hair? Marijuana smokers often report that when smoking frequently or at least 3 to 5 times a week that they notice their hair grows a lot faster than usual. But smoking pot can also have negative effects when it comes to your hair. In some cases, it has been shown that regularly smoking marijuana can cause hair loss. So your hair might grow at a faster rate but when using the drug long-term you can experience problems simply keeping it. And, of course, in most parts of the United States, marijuana is illegal to consume. We at are not suggesting that marijuana is a proper method for fixing your hair growth issue nor are we encouraging you to use the drug to increase your rate of hair growth. Even thought medical marijuana laws are on the books in a number of states, the DEA considers marijuana to be a schedule one drug. Schedule one drugs also include heroin, LSD, meth, ecstasy and peyote and are all considered to be among the most dangerous types of drugs with the highest potential for psychological damage and chemical dependency.

So why would marijuana have any effect on our hair? Well, scientifically this is pretty easy to explain. Smoking pot causes us to have lower testosterone and higher estrogen levels present in our bodies. And this is often more noticeable in males than in females. Higher levels of estrogen are known to cause rapid hair growth and lowered levels of testosterone are a common issue for those experiencing male pattern baldness as we get up in age. And since the bud of the female marijuana plant is what eventually becomes distributed as a drug, this shouldn’t surprise anybody. So it makes a lot of sense that the use of this drug can cause some normal reactions to changes in hormone levels found in our systems. This is also why marijuana use is linked to impotency in male subjects. Having too high of an estrogen level can cause a ton of problems for men.

Another way that marijuana is related to hair growth is the fact that marijuana speeds up our metabolism. And this too can help our hair grow much faster. But be aware that by boosting your metabolic rate, you can also experience a higher rate of aging. This side effect is prevalent in people of all ages and genders who experience faster metabolisms. So if you are a regular smoker of marijuana, be advised that this can be a cause for hair growth and loss. And of course our bodies do not all react to substances in the same way. So it is also possible to consume marijuana without seeing any of these possible side effects. Genetically we are very different and react to the stimuli we encounter in differing ways. Also worthy of note, just because you are experiencing hair loss and are a marijuana user, this does not necessarily mean that your drug use is causing the problem. Much of hair loss cases in adults over 40 find something much more common to blame for our hair loss, simple genetics. Unfortunately for most of us, that is the fact.

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