Connection of Pregnancy Hair Growth

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Connection Of Pregnancy Hair GrowthPregnancy affects hair growth in a number of ways. Many women experience a much higher rate of growth while pregnant and find their hair falls out a lot less. Pregnancy can also cause unexpected hair growth in areas of the body where hair does not normally grow. There are several reasons why pregnancy affects hair growth. These are usually hormonal or dietary in nature.

If you traditionally had a poor diet before getting pregnant, eating correctly for your baby can also produce better growing hair. Most people don’t realize just how important nutrition is to our hair. But since we often change our habits for the better when pregnant, the side effect is often renewed hair growth and healthier hair in the process. Women who already have a healthy diet before getting pregnancy can produce even better results, as the mix of a good diet with increased hormones caused by pregnancy can have some powerful results.

Hair can do some funny things when we get pregnant, however, as simply our hair found on our head isn’t the only thing affected. While many women experience great looking hair while pregnant, others also experience unwanted hair growth. Pregnancy can cause temporary growth of hair on the face, belly, back and around your nipples. This is usually reversible and will wear off after your baby is born.

Another┬áreason why hair grows a lot faster in pregnant women is related to the vitamins we take to ensure a healthy growing baby. These prenatal vitamins that are usually prescribed by a doctor not only give the baby what it needs but can improve our hair and nail growth as well. The mix of taking vitamins we normally don’t take and eating foods we normally don’t eat can have a big influence on our hair.

The biggest reason why women experience changes in hair growth during pregnancy is hormones. And this is not surprising. Hormone levels are usually the culprits in most hair growth conditions found in women and men as well. Progesterone, one of the hormones women experience while pregnant, is usually found in very high levels while women are carrying a baby. Pregnancy tests actually seek the existence of this hormone in a woman’s system to determine pregnancy. Women actually have this hormone in a smaller quantities when they are not pregnant and this is a big factor in the differences between women and men when it comes to hair growth. Progesterone not only stimulates latent hair follicles but those that already grow hair as well. And this leads to a very rapid rate of hair growth during the pregnancy period.

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