Defining The Process Of Hair Growth

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The hair is a living thing that grows by different stages, just like any other part of your body.

Process of hair growth can’t be noticed but take place inside the skin and are related to the hair follicles that are placed under the derma.

The first process that takes places is the Anagen phase that lasts from two years up to six years. A percent of 85 from all the hair finds itself in this stage. The growing rate is one centimeter per month and no hair can grow longer than one meter before being replaced by another.

After this process, the hair goes into a latent stage in which the hair follicle reduces size and the lower part is destroyed. This process lasts for about two weeks and is followed by Telogen process. In this stage the hair does not grow and it lasts for about six weeks and 15% off all hair can be found in this phase. After the process is over, it restarts all over again.

These phases are also called the growing phase, the transitional phase and the dormant process.

The most important part of hair is not the hair itself. It’s actually the follicle. This has nutritional elements received from the skin’s blood flow and they are the ones that produce the hair. Any damage brought to these stops hair from growing or falls off the hair. Furthermore, these are also responsible for the direction of the hair growth but also by the type of hair that one possesses. At a cellular level, the follicle exchanges vitamins and other substances that are brought by the body to the skin and than transferred to the hair follicle. If the follicle is “feed” well, it will produce a healthy strong hair. When the follicles are not receiving the substances they need to grow hair, they simply don’t. And when they do, the hair produced is thin and falls off often. Speeding up the process of hair growth can have the same result especially if it’s made by drugs and unnatural substances. So, getting involved in this process is not a very good idea.


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