Difference Between Men And Women’s Hair Growth

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Women grow hair a lot faster than man do not only because of genetics, but also because of hormones. The female hormone, estrogen inhibits the hair growth on the body parts such as the face, but increases the speed of hair growth on the scalp. The male hormone, testosterone, inhibits hair growth on the scalp and sometimes even causes hair loss in man, but it increases the hair growth on the face and the rest of the body. Women’s hair growth rate is faster based upon these hormones. Because females have a very low quantity of testosterone, this has almost no effect on the hair growth of women. If these hormones are not well balanced, females can have facial hair or hair on other parts of the body.

Some hormones can cause hair loss in women, like androgen that interferes with the natural process of hair growth, thus stopping the evolution of every hair to take place. When hair falls, it’s replaced by another. If this does not happen, the hair that falls is not replaced causing serious hair loss.

For women, hair is very important, and loosing hair can become one of the most depressing periods in one’s life. But special solutions are designed every day. Recently it has been discovered that a substance called 511, injected under the skin can reverse the hair loss effect and grow new hair for women.

Not only this, but most of the existing products on the market, specially address to women rather than men when it comes to hair care. This is because women have generally longer hair that needs to be attended and because men don’t need to use conditioner for their split ends because they have none. Short hair is cut every month, so no split ends have time to appear since the hair exposure to the environment is very short.

Women not only grow hair faster than man, but the anatomy of this hair is different. While women have a more thin hair, men hair is usually thicker and more resistant to environmental factors. Women can grow hair at a faster but not stronger than.


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