Do You Have Irregular Hair Growth

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Hair grows on the face, on the scalp, on the hands, on the legs, basically on your whole body, except for the lips and palms. Hair on the body is very thin ant it can barely be noticed. But some things can cause irregular hair growth.

One of these causes can be birth control pills. This type of pills change hormones and are responsible for hair growth in some unwanted parts of the body like the face or the neck. If you notice such behavior from your body you should stop taking the pills.

Another reason for an irregular hair growing can be stress. Stress factors are the main cause of causing a bad chemical mixture in the body. This can lead to hair loss on the scalp, or hair growth in other parts of the body. The main factor for men hair loss is stress levels after genetic factors.

In women, hair can grow irregular when they reach menopause. Because the female hormone is being restricted, the testosterone can take vary of its functions, like hair growth. Hair can appear on the face, on the arms or on the back and other parts of the body.

In man, age can also cause irregular hair growth on the scalp, where hair can grow thinner on the forehead side or can fall off completely.

Not only is this but age the most important factor when it comes to an unusual hair growth both in men and in women. Another factor that can determine the hair to grow on other parts of the body is medicamentation. If you are experiencing other symptoms ass well, this can be a side effect from the medicine that you are taking.

Hair can grow in unusual parts when the body has a problem whit its endocrine system. Basically, when some glands, like the thyroid is mall functioning. This can cause hair to grow on the breast area in women, on the neck or on other parts like the back.

Another cause for irregular hair growth can be determined by the diet that you are on. If you have a poor nutrition, this can cause hair to fall or to grow on unusual places.


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