Do You Use Monistat For Hair Growth

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As hard is may seem to believe this, it actually works. Monistat for hair growth was accidentally discovered, but this is not a product specially design for hair growth. The medicine is used for fungus infections on all the areas of the body, it destroys bacteria and it improves the skin functions. People that had such an infection on areas covered with hair, have noticed that after a treatment (that can last from two weeks to a month) hair grows a lot faster on the region that the cream was applied to. Here is where the idea with the hair growth came from. If you intend to use such a product, first off all you should know if you are not allergic to any of the substances that this product has.

If you are sure that you can use this product with no problems you should have a test before getting the whole thing on your head. Take one shred of hair that it’s not noticeable. From under your hair it would be great. Apply to this region on your scalp. If you see progress from this shred of hair rather than the rest of your hair than you should try this product for your scalp. However, there are other ways that can grow hair and do not involve a vaginal cream. So make sure you try these to. The nitrate in the cream improves skin function by stimulating the blood flow. But yet again, so can you. By massaging your scalp every day, with your fingers or with a special brush, you can achieve the same results and you don’t have to put on your hair any funny business.

You also have to have a healthy diet and you don’t have to consume a lot of alcohol because, alcohol dehydrates the body, and hair needs a good water supply to grow.

Furthermore, this is not a natural way to grow hair. Because of the substances existing in this cream, you can get some side effects that you might not like.

So make sure you go the natural way before turning on such a cream.

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