Emu Oil Hair Growth

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Emu oil in its natural form has no smell and no side effects. Because of its properties to regenerate skin, it makes it to be a good option for hair growth, plus it’s very cheap.

Emu oil hair growth is very fast. Due to the fact that this helps the skin to recover, it works great if you had some styling problems with your hair that caused it to damage.

Unlike medicine for hair growth, this helps your hair to grow healthy and prevent breakage and thin hair. Because emu oil feeds the scalp, this will grow hair faster by a natural way.

A healthy hair is a hair that damages slowly even if you don’t take much care of it. The emu oil can be bought in drug stores or in pharmacies but you can also order it online. For the natural compound make sure that this has no perfume and no other additives. If you want to see if this product works for you, you can apply it on a shred of hair and see growth with in a month, but in this case, results can come out faster. It generally takes hair to grow one centimeter per month. So if you see a centimeter and a half in the same period you should use this for a few months to see some real improvement.

You can mix this product with other nutritional elements like fruits that have E vitamin or with masks that have keratin, although this only helps hair to be stronger. Thus, by adding emu oil, you add a boost to the growth to.

Since this is very cheap oil and can be found anywhere you can also use it for your body especially if you have a dry skin. Even if this is called oil, this does not leave grease marks and it has no smell, so you can ware it at all times. Massaging your scalp while adding emu oil can also improve hair growth because you are stimulating the blood flow to your scalp, thus providing your hair follicles some speed up on hair growth process.

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