Essential Oils for Hair Growth

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Plants contain essential oils—these promote reproduction and hormonal growth and are basically the life force of the plant. The reason why some essential oils are used to stimulate hair growth is that they have cleansing attributes, as well as moisturizing properties that prevent breakage which helps hair growth. Studies show that using essential oils for hair growth produces beneficial effects in hair follicles and hair shafts. Using essential oils for hair growth regularly will allow hair follicles to grow hair faster. Here are some essential oils you can use to stimulate hair growth.

Jojoba Essential Oil

This essential oil will benefit damaged hair because of its healing properties. Breakage being one of the causes of hair loss, this oil can really help in improving hair growth since it prevents breakage of hair strands, and best of all, it can be applied to any type of hair. Leaving the oil on your hair for around half an hour will provide great results. You can also apply small amounts of jojoba essential oil on your face to prevent stains produced as a result of applying hair dye.

Tea Tree Oil

This versatile essential oil can be very effective when used in hair treatments. Tea tree oil keeps your hair moisturized and prevents the scalp from producing oil, which will keep the skin of your scalp free of dandruff and eliminate the greasy appearance of hair. Combine olive oil and some drops of this oil and use it to treat your hair weekly to get rid of dandruff problems.

Lavender Essential Oil

This oil has been used to treat several conditions including hair loss (Alopecia). It has shown to have healing properties and has also shown effective results when it comes to hair growth. In a study, a group of people suffering from hair loss problems applied lavender essential oil and some other oils every day for 7 months. Re-growth of hair was experienced by the subjects. Lavender essential oil combined with other oils provided this beneficial effect.

Essential oils can be used for almost any hair problem. Just keep in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated so you should not use them directly on your hair or skin. You should use them is in combination with other oils known as carrier oils. You can use carrier oils like soybean, sesame and almond. Different combinations will provide different effects, so choose your combination to get beautiful hair.

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