Exercise And Hair Growth

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You are probably wondering what exercise has to do with hair growth. Actually, these are things that are linked but indirectly, so for a better understanding some facts should be explained.

Exercising is what brings a healthier way of life. It helps your body to be stimulated, to have a fast metabolism and to distribute well it’s vitamins to each organ. Other than this, people that exercise have a very good blood pressure and have an increase blood flow during exercising.

For hair to grow fast it needs from the body the specific vitamins, it also needs a fast metabolism (this is the result of anabolism and catabolism that is defined like introducing, producing and eliminating substances from the body. Like if you eat an apple, you will absorb it’s vitamins in less that a few hours if your metabolism is fast.). But also an increased blood flow in the scalp. So, exercising provides all that hair needs to grow.

But stick within the reality limits. If you work out once, don’t expect your hair to grow by the next morning. This is a process that takes moths to see results. Exercising alone will not help you get a growth in hair. Vitamins, minerals and proteins are also required for a good hair growth. Mainly, this is the reason that grows your hair. Exercising only improves your body functions and one of these functions is hair growth. Exercise and hair growth can be a noticeable fact if you know your hair’s rate of growth.

If you begin exercising and go on a healthy diet, you will notice improvement in your body’s functions in six months. Apart from hair growth, exercising and the right nutrition gets you stronger nails, a great muscular tonus and a great skin, which is eventually the cause of a healthy hair. You don’t have to work out every day. You have to have a regular program, like five times a week and increase hours in exercising every month or week, depending on your body. You also have to massage your scalp to increase blood flow and thus providing a boost for your hair follicles.

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