Facts about The Hair Growth Process

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You have probably heard the phrase “knowledge is power”. This phrase is especially true when it comes to finding a cure to an illness or condition. Knowing how the illness process develops in the body will be very beneficial in order to take proper action. The same principle can be applied to hair loss or slow hair growth as well. If you want to know how to stop your hair from falling or getting thinner, then you need to understand first how the hair growth process works.

Simply put, the hair growth process consists of two phases which are the growing phase and the resting phase. During the growing phase, that could last any period of time between three years and six years, as its name suggests, hair will keep growing and growing.

Many factors affect the hair growth process, such as diet, personal lifestyle and more. A person´s hair may grow really fast while another person´s hair will not grow as fast or not grow at all, in fact, will start shedding even though they may think that their conditions are pretty similar.

On average, a person´s hair will grow around half an inch per month. After the growing phase finishes, the rest phase begins. This phase could last three to six months. During this phase hair will stop growing and will just rest. Once the whole process is complete, hair strands will shed.

Follicles will start growing new hair after the process has finished. Some experts say that an average person´s hair loss should be around sixty to one hundred hair strands per day. When something affects the follicles´ ability of growing new hair is when hair loss problems begin. A poor diet or stressful lifestyle could lead to follicles staying in the resting phase for longer periods, which eventually results in a dead follicle.

You will never see hair strands growing from dead follicles again. Most of the times hair follicles are affected from the inside, which means that they´re not receiving the essential nutrients to grow hair in a normal way. This will affect the hair growth process and will cause the hair to shed from your head.

Hair also needs oxygen to grow thick and healthy; this oxygen is provided by the blood in the scalp skin. Therefore, including some exercise in your daily routine will improve blood circulation and will benefit your hair growth in the long run.

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