Fight Cancer…Fight Hair Loss

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Hair growth can be affected by many factors. Growing of hair occurs in the hair follicles inside the skin pores. As the hair undergoes the different hair growth phases, some hair would usually fall off at a certain point of time but will eventually be replaced immediately with new hair growth. What might cause a total stoppage or a delay in hair growth is any damage in the hair follicle. Cancer, one factor that severely affects hair growth does not usually cause hair loss, but the treatments for this disease do. For someone who has a cancer, hair growth might be something that could make them more devastated.

Examples of cancer treatments that could disrupt hair growth are chemotherapy and radiation. In chemotherapy, cancer cells are attacked through injecting powerful drugs in the body, thus there is a great possibility that healthy cells making up the hair follicles will also be destroyed by those extremely strong medications.  Effect to hair growth to cancer patient s that have undergone chemotherapy will most likely be experienced after two to three weeks after the treatment has begun. On the other hand, radiation is a process where cancer cells are destroyed through focusing in them high-energy rays. Thus, this can only cause damage to hair growth when the treatment is directly focused in the scalp, the hair follicles, or the areas around them. Effect of this treatment to hair growth will manifest right after the first treatment.

For most of the cases, hair loss may not be preventable during at this stage of treating cancer. Although hair loss or hair thinning is something very common to someone undergoing treatments for cancer, there are few ways by which one can reduce the effect of these treatments to hair growth. A change in lifestyle might be of great help to reduce hair loss or at least lengthen the time it will take the hair to eventually fall off. As much as possible, avoid stressful activities that might disrupt blood circulation causing a disruption in the hair growth even more. A healthy diet is also essential. Avoid junk foods and high-fat diet. Avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages. Instead, eat foods rich in protein and other minerals and nutrients such as fruits and vegetables, and drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

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