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Hairs are growing proteins. They have an important link with the diet of a person and there are several important nutrients that play their part in healthy hair growth. In this article we will discuss all the important foods that can help maintain healthy hair growth because of the important nutrients that they contain.

The first types of food for hair growth on our list are the ones which are a good source of proteins. There are nine essential amino acids (which the body requires from the diet). There is only one vegetable source which provides all and that is soybeans. The best source of proteins are animal products like beef, mutton, fish, eggs, milk, liver, cheese, yoghurt. All these food can provide the necessary amino acids for hair growth (especially sulfur containing amino acids).

The second types of food for hair growth on our list are the ones which are a good source of vitamins. Hairs require vitamin A, all types of vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid and biotin.

Vitamin supplements are not a good option to consider here because they contain chemically treated nutrients which are not properly absorbed and can also cause vitamin toxicity due to over accumulation.

The best source of vitamins for hair can then be natural sources. Vitamin A is found in liver, fish oil, eggs, spinach, fortified milk and vegetables which are of red, yellow, and orange color. B vitamins can be obtained from fish, chicken, liver, kidney beans, soybeans, meat, eggs, etc. The best source of vitamin C is citrus fruits. Biotin is produced naturally in the gut by useful bacteria so you should watch for gastrointestinal disorders to maintain healthy biotin levels. This also points towards the fact that chronic gastrointestinal disorders can be a cause of hair loss.

Folic acid is found in whole grains, cereals, nuts, green leafy vegetables, brewer’s yeast, liver and wheat germ. Vitamin E can be obtained from nuts, grains, leafy green vegetables, vegetable oils.

The third types of food for hair growth on our list are the ones which are a good source of minerals. The important minerals are copper which is found in liver, seafood, nuts, etc, Iron which can be obtained from green leafy vegetables, bran, kidney beans, meat, etc,  Zinc which can be obtained from milk, eggs, oats, etc and Iodine which is found in seafood, beans, eggs, potatoes with skin, garlic, seaweed, etc.

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