Gelatin And Hair Growth

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Gelatin is a compound made from the bones of the dead animals like horses or bovines (cows). This has a very high level of proteins and it’s not only used as gelatin for cooking or for sweets, but also as vitamin supplier and other nutrition supplies. In fact, compounds from animal bones are so resistant that are used for gluing even very heavy and strong materials.

So how do gelatin and hair growth mix? Hair grows on the basis of the vitamins and proteins provided by the body trough the skin. Since the skin provides the things that hair needs no grow, this should be the main point when looking for something that could make your hair grows faster.

Gelatin has to be ingested to work. Because skin absorbs some of the vitamins, products that have vitamins, like fruits can be applied directly on the scalp. However, only some proteins are absorbed by the skin, and not gelatin proteins. These have to be ingested. After this, the body will have the proteins that it needs to grow hair and stronger nails. This is a long process to accomplish, but if used with vitamin masks, it can really speed up the hair growth process.

Because not only vitamins are important when it comes to hair growth, you have to take care of your skin, nails and hair in some other ways as well. For instance, you have to provide your body with the right omega oils that it needs, like fish oil.

Taking vitamins, proteins and minerals from natural ways, will make your hair grow faster and stronger. Gelatin provides a good hair growth and unlike some drugs that make your hair grow, the hair grown by this way is stronger and heather. So, before considering some medicamentation, it would be best to try a more natural way of hair growth. Providing your body with the proteins that it needs to grow hair might let you actually see in the mirror that you don’t need medicine to get a beautiful hair. Plus, these grow a thin hair that can be easily damaged.

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