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Those of us who are facing the problem of hair loss are usually too quick to begin our search for hair loss products and often in this process end up shelling out significant amounts of money without first even considering the most effective natural solutions. Very few people even think about the fact that the mere act of brushing our hair especially with the use of a hair growth brush can help fix our hair loss problems. Why does this even work? The simple explanation is because regular hair brushing can stimulate and improve blood circulation of our hair follicles.

But there is a correct way and an incorrect way to groom your hair. Keep in mind that you should only brush your hair when it is completely dry. Brushing damp hair can cause our hair to break easily because it expands when exposed to moisture. This can make our outer cuticle layer weak and can lead to shaft breakage. Brushing your hair when it is wet can cause your hair to stretch and to break rather easily. So you should only brush your hair while it is dry, either before showering in the morning or after a thorough blow dry. You don’t have to invest in an expensive laser hair brush offered by several companies like HairMax, either. Any normal brush with rounded ends and wider teeth will do.

Establishing a routine of regular hair brushing can not only lead to natural hair growth but is a necessary process for maintaining proper hygiene as well. Regular grooming achieved through brushing has a stimulating effect on your scalp and enhances the efficiency of tiny muscles known as the erector pili which are responsible for squeezing our sebaceous glands. This leads to luscious, healthy and well lubricated hair. Regular hair brushing also prevents the build up of wax and rids the epidermis of dirt and dead skin cells. The healthier our scalp is, the better off we are when it comes to hair growth.

Using simple scalp stimulation as a natural hair loss treatment is actually nothing new. In fact, a lot of hair loss products on the market today actually revolve around the concept of stimulating the scalp to treat a hair loss condition. So before you consider any typically expensive solutions, you should consider the fact that regularly brushing could achieve the desired effects you are looking for. For maximum results, you will want to use a hair growth brush and regularly groom your hair at least two times a day. This should take around three to five minutes a day.

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