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Hair loss is a deeply troubling problem for those that experience it. It is not only capable of lowering our self-esteem but can even place personal limitations on many of the people who struggle with it. This is of course why there are so many hair loss products on the market today. These range from shampoos and supplements to the radical and more expensive treatments such as hair transplants. You may approach this common truth with a healthy dose of skepticism, but when struggling with hair loss you should understand that the regular grooming of hair is one essential and natural treatment for hair loss. There are plenty of expensive products out there that capitalize on this fact. But you don’t have to buy an expensive laser comb like these offered by Bosley or Hairmax, although these FDA approved devices have shown positive results in clinical trials. Whether or not their use of laser technology has a greater effect than the actual grooming is kind of unknown. This may come as a shock to those that have invested thousands of dollars in hair loss treatments but the fundamentals make sense. So how can combing or brushing our hair be seen as a hair loss treatment?

Well the reason for this is actually pretty straight forward. The regular act of combing or brushing your hair actually has a stimulating effect on the scalp when done correctly. This is the same kind of stimulation that these expensive hair loss products are trying to achieve with lasers and vibrations. Stimulating the scalp improves your blood circulation which benefits the hair strands and follicles due to increased absorption of the vitamins and minerals needed in order to grow healthy hair. For best results, you might want to use a specially constructed hair growth comb and include vitamin supplements in your daily regimen. You can also massage your scalp a few minutes each day before or after regular brushing. Aside from its hair growth benefits, hair combing or brushing will also remove dead skin cells and dirt from your scalp.

There is actually a proper way to comb your hair for those experiencing hair loss. Many people often complain that they feel they are only making their hair loss condition worse by combing and brushing. When experiencing hair loss, it is common to avoid things we feel make our situation decline. But make sure you are grooming your hair correctly. Buy a good brush. You can choose to purchase an expensive hair growth comb, but any brush with wide teeth and rounded ends can do the job nicely. Remember to approach grooming gently as normal grooming when done in a rough fashion can actually pull out healthy hair. Lastly, never comb or brush your hair when it is wet. Damp hair is susceptible to breakage because our hair strands experience increased elasticity when they are exposed to moisture. This can make our hair more likely to stretch or break when grooming is done to moist hair. You should either fully blow dry your hair after showering each morning or accomplish your regular grooming before washing your hair for best results.

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