Hair Growth Disorder

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A lot of people deal with hair growth disorder, and their number seems to be multiplying day by day. This problem has various causes, and one of them is stress levels. We live in the age of technology, and to grow up that technology, more people have to work harder to achieve amazing results. This can cause stress levels to be very high. Working over time, money problems and relationship problems on the behalf of work are the top problems when it comes to hair growth disorder.

Another factor that has a main role in this situation is food. People don’t seem to have enough time these days to hold on to a healthy diet and eat what they can, whenever they can. This has a direct effect on the process of hair growth because, not providing the hair the things that it needs to grow like vitamins and proteins, can seriously interfere with it’s growing phases and thus causing hair to fall off or to grow thin and easy breakable to the point where it needs to be cut down very short.

Medicine can also cause hair growth disorders to the point where hair can grow on unwanted body parts or the scalp losses hair day by day. An average person looses about 100 hairs per day. These are quickly replaced by new hairs. But when this process of renewal gets damaged by drugs, it can result in a massive hair loss. Some medicine can also allow hair to grow on the face in women or on the back and can even cause a serious hair growth condition.

These are the main factors that can cause a hair disorder, and some effects, like side effects from pills, can be unbearable. The only solutions remaining can be hair laser removal for the body that grows hair in other parts than where it supposed to, or hair transplant for major hair loss on the scalp. The less serious problems can be treated in a naturist way, with supplies or with special tea. Not only this, but if a problem in hair disorder is treated as soon as possible, it will be more likely to be solved than a problem that’s been lasting for a longer time.


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