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Making your hair grow with drugs is not a very good idea. First of all because not all drugs make your hair grow just on your scalp, but also on your body and this is not a thing that you will appreciate. And second, forcing hair to grow means adding extra pressure on the body to grow hair for which it doesn’t have the nutritional elements that the hair needs. Thus, the growing hair will be thinner than your regular hair and a part of it will start to break, because it will eventually be cut.

Hair growth drug does nothing else but to force grow hair, and some of these drugs don’t even work at all but they can cause some hormonal disorder, especially in men. Before using any such drugs, a list of substances that these drug contain has to be consulted and the opinion of a specialist taken into consideration.

This way, you can prevent allergies to some substances and other problems, like uncontrollable hair growth on the face and body.

There are natural ways to grow hair, and one should first attempt these before turning to drugs. Further more, some of these medicines can be bought without a medical prescription and generally the user doesn’t take much time to read the side effects.

A doctor can recommend the best hair growth drug rather that a friend or a forum advice. This is why, before getting such pills you have to be fully aware of its effects.

However, some drugs actually work. Like vitamin E supplies. These go directly into your skin and allow your hair to grow, your nails to be stronger and your skin to look perfect. Due to the fact that this vitamin is not a hormone, it will not allow body hair to grow, so it’s perfectly safe to use. Another way to get this vitamin, other than drugs, is from nature. Vitamin E is a component that all fruits have and plus, these are more pleasant to eat than a pill.

So, try natural ways before turning to drugs. And if this is the only way you can grow hair, make sure to choose the best drug after a medical advice.


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