Hair Growth Formulas—Natural Remedies

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Hair growth formulas are available in both solid and liquid forms as oils, gels, scrubs, creams, and serums.

Many of the hair growth formulas in the market are expensive, but are usually not 100% natural or herbal. They contain chemicals which actually intensify hair damage. Fortunately, there are many economical homemade hair growth formulas that are effective and have been in use for decades. These formulas include things you can eat and apply to your scalp.

Protein rich food items such as meat, fish, yogurt and beans can increase hair growth. Chicken and turkey meat contains high-quality protein which is good for keeping the hair healthy. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids and is a great beauty enhancer.

If you’re protein intake is too low, you can suffer from thinning in hair or stunting of the hair growth cycle. Protein can strengthen the hair and treat weak, brittle hairs, expert say. Soy is another nutrient that strengthens hair. Tofu is the best source of soy.

The use of certain vitamins and minerals can also be effective. Beta carotene, biotin, folic acid, zinc and B complex are considered valuable in quickening the hair growth process. Before using any of these, you should consult with your physician to find out which vitamins suit you are best.

Herbs such as rosemary and sage not only have a good smell, but also help in hair growth. They aid in cleansing the scalp and stimulating the hair follicles. To use these herbs, just boil them in equal amounts. After boiling, strain the leaves and add the concoction to the shampoo you use.

You can also add onion to your natural hair growth formula. Apply onion juice to your scalp for two minutes and rinse.

Deep conditioning plays an important role in boosting hair as well. It provides strength to the hair and prevents it from breaking off. You can add olive oil and eggs to your conditioner to give your hair an overall conditioning.

Avoid drinking carbonated beverages and smoking if possible. They weaken the body and block potential hair growth.

Treat your hair the right way. Avoid unnecessary handling, brushing, or combing. Avoid using clips or bands that are too tight as they weaken your hair. Also, trim your hair every once in a while. This eliminates split ends and gives your hair a healthier appearance and feel.

Complete your hair growth formula by resting and sleeping for 7 to 9 hours a day.

Natural hair growth formulas are comparatively inexpensive and can be prepared at home.

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