Hair Growth Herbs

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At the surface of the skin, hair can only absorb vitamins and minerals, but the protein absorption is very low. This is why; herbs that have vitamins are placed on the head, while herbs that have proteins are best to be ingested in order for the hair to grow. Hair growth herbs can be found in drugstores, or they can b ordered online. Even so, the best thing to do is to buy them from the local market, because the more natural these are the better.

Herbs for hair growth are ginseng, chamomile, tips of cherry, ylang-ylang and plants rich in vitamin E.

While some herbs work by reducing stress levels, thus helping hair to grow faster, other give hair vitamins that it needs to grow. Sometimes, a hair that grows slow can be boosted by chamomile tea. This tea is for head wash, not for drinking. Chamomile has antioxidant properties just like green tea, helps hair to grow in a more healthy way by eliminating toxins that are on the skin. Green tea leafs can also be used for hair wash and drinking.

Basically, these herbs provide a healthy skin, thus promoting a healthy hair growth.

Hair growth herbs work better if they are used in their natural state, for ingestion or for hair wash. Some medicine for hair growth can contain the essential elements in these herbs, but they also have other substances that boost up the herbs properties but can also be harmful for your heath. In some cases, hair can even grow uncontrollably on the body. Other than this, some medicine can not even contain the herbs at all, just a substance from the herb that promotes hair growth.

Hair growth herbs are widely available, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them. If used with a proper diet, these herbs can improve hair growth with even 100% per month. So if the average is a half of inch, you can even reach an inch of hair growth in a month.

Even if the natural way takes longer, it is the best way to grow a healthy hair.


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