Hair Growth In A Month

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Hair grows fast, hair grows slow, and it is just a matter of genetics. If some people grow hair by the natural way faster than others, it also has something to do with their diet, their living place and of course the age. Hair growth in a month is half of inch. An inch has 2.54 cm and some people can reach even this length in hair growth in a month.

Genetics is a very important factor. If your mother or father grows hair fast, it’s more likely that you do to. Also, the feeding process is important. If you don’t get an advantage from your genetic line concerning hair growth, than you could have a healthy diet based upon fruit vegetables and a lot of proteins and calcium to grow hair faster.

By the natural way, you can go pass the half inch per month in no time. However, some people grow hair in a close relation to their place of living. In cold regions, hair grows whit less than half of inch per month meaning one centimeter and even less in some cases. Basically this is a way of the body to store the proteins and vitamins and not give them to not useful things like hair growth, but maintain them for survival. Hair that grows on these people is much thicker and much more resistant than the hair of people that live in a warm region.

People like this have a quicker hair growth though, not just because of the presence of the sun that speeds up growth process, but also because their body knows by genetics that they have easier access to fruits and vegetables, so the body is not concerned to create stocks.

This is why; it is splitting the vitamins and proteins trough out the body and insures a rapid hair growth.

Old people grow hair a lot slower than the young people because once you go into the aging process the metabolism slows down. So hair on old people can grow with a quarter of an inch per month, which is like half of centimeter per month.


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