Hair growth in babies

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Babies can grow hair even when they are not born yet. So, a baby can be born with hair on his head, and lots of it. Some babies are borne bold, and don’t grow hair until their first year of life. Hair growth in babies while they are still unborn has not much to do with what the pregnant women eats. It more linked to the genetic factor thus, if you ware a bold baby, your baby can be the same way. If the baby is born bold, he can grow hair in a matter of weeks, while some babies grow hair in a few moths.

This is also a genetic factor and has nothing to do with the diet. Some babies grow hair very fast, and their hair is thin and in time is replaced by another type of hair that is stronger. If the baby has spots on its scalp that don’t grow hair, don’t worry, in time they will. The real hair of your child is noticeable when he is over on year old, so until than anything could happen. Hair can fall off sometimes not due to a poor nutrition or anemia, but just because it’s to thin and brakes off. But a healthy diet and a doctor’s appointment should not be disregarded.

When a poor nutrition is given to the baby, not only the hair is a noticeable factor but also the nails. If these peel off than it means that your baby has a problem and needs vitamin supplies.

It is best indicated to get a medical advice before buying vitamins for your baby. Also, you have to have a good diet if you are nursing, and if the baby is given a formula, this has to be a good one that has all the vitamins that your child needs.

Furthermore, babies grow hair slowly, not at the same rat that adults do, this is why you should not compare your hair growing rate with that of your baby. In high lines, hair can grow very slow until the baby’s first year and get a higher growth rate after this. Hair on babies is thinner and can fall to be replaced by a new one that is thicker, so these is nothing to worry about.


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