Hair growth in children

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Kids grow hair very fast. Hair growth in children is accelerated by their growing up process, and can end up at tow and half centimeters per month. New born babies have a slower hair growth, and can be still be bold at the age of eight months old. Once the child enters his first year of life, hair starts to grow faster at a normal rate of one centimeter per month. In the second year of life, hair growth in children can reach two and even more than two centimeters per month. But, like in the adult hair growth, a proper alimentation is required and the right vitamins that hair needs to grow have to be added into the child’s alimentation.

Hair loss in children can indicate a vitamin lack o vitamins but also an anemia that has to be medically treated. This is why, food is very important in the child’s firs years of life in order to assure him a healthy hair, good nails and a healthy skin.

Generally, when hair grows slow on children it is a sign of poor nutrition and thus, the child’s diet has to be changed. Furthermore, children can have a problem in growing hair if they have a lack of calcium or of d vitamin. This happens because keratin, an essential element in hair growth, is supplied by calcium and by vitamin D.

If these factors are missing, hair grows slow and can eventually fall off. stimulating hair growth in children should be done by the natural way and by supplies with vitamins E and D. drugs are not recommended in such cases, because the body is to fragile and side effects are more likely to occur on children than on grownups.

If a healthy diet does not help your child to grow a healthy hair, the problem must be discussed with a specialist that can help solve this issue.   Even if some kids grow a lot of hair in one month, others can grow hair in a very long time, and sometimes these are the simple facts, not heath issues. Furthermore, boys and girls grow hair at the same rate until entering puberty. Than the boy’s hair slows down by a millimeter or two in a month and while girls keep the same rate.


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