Hair growth in one month

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Hair growth is influenced by a lot of factors. This is why some people grow hair faster than others, and some people lose their hair. The deepest factor in hair growth is genetics heritance. If your father is bold, you will probably be to. If your mother has curly hair, you might get it, if not, your daughter will certainly will because this hair type is a dominate gene just like blue eyes (this means that this characteristic is pass on in family).

Hair growth rate is also influenced by this and sometimes your hair grows slow because this is what the specific gene tells your body to do.

Hair growth in one month is one centimeter average and two centimeters the most in grown ups. For hair to grow that fast, it takes a good diet and enough vitamin E to support the growth as well as keratin to assure a strong hair. If some people grow hair really fast, one of the first reasons is a healthy diet. The genetically heritance must not be excluded as it can influence hair growth in one month by 40%. The rest is all about the vitamins that your body provides.

Hair can grow by even more than two centimeters, but this is if you are a child, or if you take medicine for this. In this case, hair rarely goes strong; rather it grows thing and weak when you take drugs for this. A vitamin supply would go perfectly with such a treatment and it will be very helpful.

In man, hair grows slower than in women, but man have a faster rate of growth at facial hair and body hair. The average man grows hair by a rate of 8 millimeters per month, while women can grow hair at a rate of 1 and a half millimeters per month. A healthy body grows hair much faster than a sick body. Hair growth is also reduced in convalescence periods and in winter time. Summer is the season that hair grows fastest, but it slows down in the fall and restarts to grow faster with the spring.


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