Hair Growth Nutrition

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Nutrition has an important role to play in all our bodily functions, including the growth of hair. Whether you are experiencing hair loss or thinning, or just want your hair to grow faster, the right hair growth nutrition will give is vital for hair growth.

1. Protein

The major part of hair is protein and amino acids; therefore, including protein in your diet is important for hair growth. Meat, fish, eggs, cheese, yogurt and soy are some of the options you have.

2. B Vitamins

B vitamins are also important for hair growth. Vitamin B12 helps in regulating your digestive tract and nervous system and controlling stress hormones. Stress plays a major role in hair loss; vitamin B12 can assist in reducing stress while encouraging hair growth. Foods, such as fish, eggs and beef are good sources of vitamin B12.

Another important hair growth B vitamin is vitamin B 7, or biotin. It encourages the growth of hair and nails and also contributes to healthy skin. You can take biotin supplements or include foods such as cheese, tomatoes, eggs, walnuts, and strawberries in your diet to get the B vitamin.

3. Vitamin E and Iron

Vitamin E can help you maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails. Vitamin E proves beneficial only if it is obtained through dietary sources according to a study released by the Mayo Clinic in July 2009, and taking supplements of this vitamin may affect your health. Spinach, peanut butter, and almonds are three good sources of vitamin E.

Iron is also important for hair growth as iron deficiency, or anemia, is a common reason for hair loss. You can take iron supplements if you know you are anemic, or you can eat more iron-rich foods, such as beef, turkey, enriched pasta and enriched breakfast cereals.

4. Silica

Silica is a key nutrient for hair growth as well. It is present in cherry juice, dried fruits, and oats, and it is an ingredient in commercial hair-growth shampoos. So, you can encourage hair growth by including silica in your diet, or applying it on your hair.

5. Folic Acid

Foods rich in folic acid should also be a part of your balanced diet. Foods, such as liver, chicken, eggs, legumes, nuts, almonds can be used for this purpose. Carbohydrate sources such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, and whole-grain bread also provide folic acid. Fruits and vegetables containing folic acid include oranges, peaches, spinach, cabbage, beet root, asparagus, broccoli, etc.

These are five elements of the right hair growth nutrition. Include them in your diet increase hair growth.

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