Hair Growth on Head—4 Vitamins-related Myths

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There are lot of places where you can find vitamins for hair growth on head promising full, thick, luscious hair—for prices that range from very cheap to extremely high. The hype surrounding vitamins for hair is a mixture of fact and fiction, so make sure you know what’s what before spending your money.

The Vitamins

Majority of the multivitamins that claim to be specifically for hair include some combination of keratin, iron, zinc, copper, iodine, vitamin A and the B-complex family (biotin, niacin, folic acid, B12, pantothenic acid). The presence of herbs is also not uncommon. The main difference between regular multivitamins and hair vitamins is not the quantity of ingredients; it is the quantity of a particular ingredient in the mixture. For instance, a regular multivitamin might contain 30mcg of biotin, while a hair multivitamin probably contains 300mcg.

Myth 1: Vitamins Make Your Hair (Considerably) Thicker

Unless you’re a rapidly losing hair due to the deficiency of vitamins, there’s only so much that vitamins can do for increasing an individual’s hair size. This is because hair thickness (or lack thereof) largely depends on your genes. Of course, there are external factors as well that considerably influence the health of your hair, such as diet or excessive chemical or heat styling, and vitamins can boost hair suffering from these problems—just don’t expect them to reverse genetics.

Myth 2: Load Up on Vitamins

Although you may feel the urge to take as many hair vitamins as you possible to revive your wilted mane, don’t fill your hands and stomach with pills. Vitamins (A, D, E, and K) are fat-soluble and don’t dissolve in water like vitamin C, for example, and therefore, it’s much easier to overdose on them. One side effect of excess of vitamin A is hair loss, so taking that extra pill could backfire.

Myth 3: A Vitamin Deficiency is the Reason for Thin Hair

You may hate your hair, but it not the fault of the vitamins. There are a many other factors that could be the cause of your bad hair growth on head: genetics, a protein or mineral deficiency, medication or poor hair treatment. For instance, Accutane is known to cause hair loss, even in teenagers. This is not to undermine the affect of vitamin deficiencies on your hair; serious hair problems are associated with the lack of the B-complex vitamins and vitamin C, to name a few. But if you have a healthy and balanced diet, chances are you’re body is getting most of the vitamins it needs. Examine other areas of your life to find what needs to be corrected.

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