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Nowadays hairstyle means a lot on everybody’s image. If you want a nice look, the way that your hair is fashioned represents about 35% of it. Some people prefer boldness, but what do you do when you want a cool hairstyle but you don’t have the resources (hair in particularly) for it? Well now the question comes: how can you help the hair from the head to grow? There are many ways to do it and in this article you’ll find some of them.

Firstly let us talk about vitamins that help your head’s hair to grow. The most important one is vitamin E which you can find in a lot of fruits, like bananas, papaya, blackberries and blueberries. This helps a lot and it also makes your hair stronger, thicker and brilliant. Wow, this even helps for a nice haircut! Another important vitamin is C which you can find in a big amount of vegetables and fruits. It prevents the loss of your head’s hair. Don’t forget about B, magnesium and also A vitamin. In the last years these proved to take a big role in solving this problem. Gelatin is probably a solution when you’re desperate. Sometimes big results come very fast with the use of gelatin in hair growth. There are a lot of pills on the market that contain it or you could just buy it and inject it in your food. Powder gelatin applicable on your head skin could be also a solution. Always remember to consult your doctor before taking any treatment or use any mixture that could hurt you, never exaggerate!

There are also a number of yoga exercises that can help your head’s hair growth. Before doing these, consult a specialist. Never just take a look on the internet and find something about a sport exercise and then practice it; it can be very dangerous. Headstand, down facing dog, the camel posture, shoulder stand can give you some ideas of exercises that might help.

Always remember that the best thing is to prevent the hair loss, than starting to think about hair growth ideas. Be very attentive, always inform twice before choosing a method that could be dangerous for you and never forget to consult your personal doctor. Have a nice haircut!

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