Hair growth on neck

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When hair grows in other parts than it suppose to, this is a medical problem and needs to be attended immediately. Hair growth on neck can be a symptom not an aesthetic problem. What causes hair to grow on the neck can be the thyroid gland. This gland tells your body how much to grow, how much weight the body needs and also controls other hormones. The thyroid is not a singular gland, but it also has a group of glands next to it that helps it control the body. Malfunctions of this gland can result in a hair growth on neck. If there are no other parts of the body that hair grows on, these following symptoms have to b checked.

The weight of the body: the thyroid gland malfunctions can cause overweight or a low body weight, dry elbows and knees with and ugly aspect of dry skin, bone pain, had each, dry eyes.

If you have these symptoms, you have to get proper medical attention and check this problem.

Another reason for hair to grow on the neck is a hormonal disorder. The testosterone is the hormone that tells the body how much and where hair to grow. It’s present both in the male and the female body in different quantities. In the male’s body, testosterone levels are high and these can determine the behavior factor but also hair loss or growth. In the female’s body, the testosterone levels are very low and the dictating hormone is estrogen. Women also produce progesterone which is the pregnancy hormone.

Rebalancing these factors can cause hair to grow in unwanted places, like the neck for instance. So, whenever these hormones are not at their normal rates your body can respond in different ways.

Other than this, if the hair growth is really uncontrollable and it grows on a large part of the neck, this could be the sign of a genetic disease. In this case, laser or wax is the answer. If you can’t afford a laser treatment, wax can give you a moth hair free life. Any way, a specialist has to keep track of the evolution of your illness.


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