Hair Growth Pattern

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Hair grows on different directions for every body. The hair basically grows up wards on the scalp until it can no longer support its weight and grows done ways. Hair on the face grows down ways and side ways, but this is basically different from one person to another.

Since scalp hair can be put well in place with styling products, hair on the face can be shaved or trimmed. Hair grows always from the root to the tip and never the opusaid way regardless of the body part. On the scalp hair can grow on a circular dispersion from the top of the head towards the side of the head, forehead and side ways.

On the arms, hair grows from the elbow to the hand but also in circular way on the side of the arm. Hair on the legs grows down way, from the knee to the foot, thus making waxing a very easy process. On other sides of the body, hair usually grows down ways, but it can also grow in other directions. Every person grows hair in a different way and by different patterns. This is why; in some people hair can grow on other ways than just down ways. The hair appeared after a treatment can grow on other directions than regular direction growth.

Hair growth pattern can become very annoying when it grows in some other ways than it supposes to, but styling products can help your hair to go on the right path. Conditioner can also be used on harsh hair than never wants to stay in place for soften it up.

You can have your hair cut and styled at a special salon, and you can use some devices to make it straight or curly. Hair that naturally grows curly has a more oval shape than hair that grows straight. Straight hair is usually thinner than curly hair, and it is easy to work with when it comes to giving it a right direction. The way that hair grows is basically related to the hair follicles. The angle of placement determines in which way the new hair is going to grow.


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