Hair Growth Patterns

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Hair grows on the body in different directions. It basically depends on the part of the body that hair grows on. Hair growth patterns can be different from a person to another. But all hair growth patterns respect one thing, the hair always grows from the root to the top of the hair. Hair on the scalp grows in a circular pattern in the middle of the scalp and then speed’s out on the rest of the head in more straight line. The hair growth pattern basically depends on the placement of the hair follicles and on the length of the hair. On the head, hair can grow upwards when the length is just about one centimeter. After this, the hair can’t support its weight any more and heads down with the gravity. On the legs hair grows from the knee down to the foot.

This makes it easy to wax, but there are some hairs that grow in a more circular direction in order to insure protection to the leg. On the back of the legs and upper from the knee the hair sticks with the same pattern and there are some hairs that can also grow in a more random way to insure protection to the upper leg. On the arms, hair grows mostly on the lower arm from the elbow to the hand and in a circular direction or down ways.

Hair grows on the face by sticking with the anatomic shape of the face and mostly growers down ways. If you don’t like your hair patterns on your head, it is very easy to use some styling products that will take your hair on the right growing pattern direction. Hair growth can be mostly influenced by genetics when it comes to the direction that it grows, so if you have a funny shape of your hair on your head, this can be a heritage from your father or mother.

If hair grows in a wrong pattern on your face, you can just wax it. If you want to permanently get rid of it, you can try laser for black hair only.


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