Hair Growth per Day in Humans

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There are about 100,000 hairs on a healthy scalp. Each of which has a life of one to six years. In normal healthy conditions about hundreds hairs are lost per day that are replaced by new hairs. Baldness can occur when the rate of replacement of hairs is less than the rate of fall of hairs.

Hair growth per day is effected by number of different factors. A new hair starts growing in the papilla and finally the old hair falls out after its life is ended. A hair in its life cycle goes through three different stages; the first stage is the anagen, in which hair grows in the hair bulb. The following stage is the catagen in which hair stops goring and finally the life of hair is ended in the Telogen stage.

Contrary to the popular belief, hair grow equally all over the head; there is no perceptible difference between hair growth on fringe, nape or crown. The illusion that hair on fringes (bangs) grow faster than hair on other parts of your head is created mostly by cutting styles.

Normal hair grow about 1.25 centimeters a month which is equivalent of 0.5 inches. Hairs grow about 15 inches or 6 centimeters in a year. The main phenomenon responsible for hair growth is cell division. Cell division forces the hair to grow by pushing them forward so that new hair is added at the root. One of the factors that affect hair growth per day is age, with increase in age rate of growth of hairs decreases.  Research shows that the rate of growth can decrease to 0.25 cm or 0.1 inch a month in old age.

The rate of growth is also affected by general environmental conditions such as pollution, and a balanced diet containing all nutrients also enhances hair growth. Contrary to what is claimed by many shampoo advertisements, most of the shampoos are shown to have no significant effect on hair growth, however some medicated oils or shampoos are claimed to have helped bald people or people with hair loss problems.

Genetics is shown to have a significant effect on rate of growth of hair that explains how some people have very long and healthy hairs in old age. Genetics is also one of the biggest reasons for hair fall problems and baldness, normally patients with genetic problems will not experience any significant benefit from medicated oil or shampoos to stop hair fa

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