Hair Growth Restoration

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When hair is damaged by styling devices or by styling products, the only option available is to cut it off. Even if it sounds sad, the only way to hair growth restoration is by first getting rid of the split ends and damaged hair. Once the hair is all healthy again it will start to grow very fast for about two or three months. In this time, you have to provide it with the proteins that it needs to sustain itself. A good option can be products for hair wash that have lots of proteins and minerals. The use of a hair conditioner it’s a must not an option, because hair conditioner smoothes up the hair a bit and thus prevents brakeage.

Other than having products that can improve hair growth restoration, some special things like castor oil or emu oil, have to be applied every day. If you also have some natural pills for hair growth, this is even better if you need hair to grow fast.

Even if you had a hair cut the other month and you want your hair to grow, it is very important to cut of a bit of it every month. This way you’ll get rid off all the damaged hair and reach an inch of growth per month and you can cut off just about one centimeter of it, that is less than half an inch, and you’ll still gain the other half in growth.

Other than this, products for hair growth can even help you go pass that average hair growth rate. In one year you can have a beautiful long hair and this can be achieved only by respecting the monthly hair cuts and taking really good care of your hair. In this period it’s best to grow your natural hair rather than have it diced, and also stay away from hair styling products as much as possible. Also, make sure to leave your hair to dry on its own, rather than using a heat device to dry it. If you think that your hair will look bad and there is no way you can get out of the house without styling products, these are hair sprays that can be used to fix your hair, and these are not so harmful for your scalp.


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