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According to Chinese medicine, healthy hair depends on an abundant flow of qi and blood to the scalp and hair roots. If there is a problem in this nourishing flow, your hair will suffer.

Majority of the times, diminished nourishment is caused by:

Blood Deficiency (Blood vacuity)

Blood is made through the digestive process, and its deficiency can be the result of dietary, or digestive insufficiencies. For blood that lacks nourishing components, you can use Fo-ti, also called He Shou Wu or polygani multiflori, or fleeceflower root.

Constrained flow (Qi stagnation)

Stress and emotional constraint can restrict the flow of qi and blood in the head, face, neck, shoulders, and chest. This flow can be restored with massage therapy, relaxation techniques, and mediation.

Patency of the vessels

Flow of blood to the scalp and hair roots can also be affected by the size, diameter, and health of the tiny blood vessels through which this nourishment travels. The patency of the vessels can be weakened by genetic factors as well as acquired factors making them fragile or narrow.

He Shou Wu

Doctors of Oriental Medicine are using He Shou Wu for strengthening the blood and the Jing for the purpose of treating alopecia, preventing premature hair loss or graying of hair, and for regulating excessive aging.

Hair Growth Solution

Shou Wu Pill, created by Dr.Shen, is made up of export grade HE Shou Wu (five years or older), small amounts of Poria for enhancing digestibility and absorption, and Chuanxiong, which plays the role of a messenger herb to invigorate He Shou Wu and direct the action of the ingredients upward to your head. He Shou Wu makes up 90% of the formula.

How to Use the Pill

This hair growth solution can be used by people whose hair is dry, brittle, damaged, thinning, turning grey prematurely, or excessively aging.

You should take 4 to12 tablets daily (2 to 4 tablets, 2 to 3 times a day, preferably on an empty stomach) for 3 or more weeks. For maintaining healthy hair, you can take a small dose indefinitely as a daily supplement.

According to tradition, He Shou Wu strengthens the liver and kidneys, is beneficial for hair, nourishes the blood, detoxifies fire poison, moistens the intestines, etc.

He Shou Wu Side Effects

Although rare, He Shou Wu can cause an allergic skin rash. It can also cause loose stools. Taking more than 15 grams of processed He Shou Wu can result in numbness in the arms and legs.

Three published cases of acute hepatitis following the use of a He Shou Wu product manufactured in China called Shou-wu-pian have been reported. It is not known whether the condition was caused because of the root or product contamination.

In one study on 32 plants used for menopause in traditional Chinese medicine, He Shou Wu was found to have the greatest estrogenic activity. People with estrogen-related cancers of the breast, prostate, ovary, and uterus, should be extra careful as the effect of He Shou Wu in humans is not known.

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