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With the really fast advancement in technology, it is sometimes overwhelming to know that some things stay the same over time. They may be enhanced, they may be innovated, but in real essence they remain natural. The invention of different hair growth solutions is a perfect example. A hair growth solution may be bought in bottle nowadays; it might be packed glamorously; another hair growth solution may be presented attractively, but in one good point or another, there are hair growth solutions that remain to be natural – herbal, that is.

Herbal medicines, hair growth solutions in particular, have long been originated from the Chinese culture. Amazingly, no matter how simple the hair growth solution may be, it was able to reach many countries, many cities, and many homes despite of its lack of support from medical experts and scientific explanations. This is because human are naturally affectionate when it comes to their hair. Of course, who wouldn’t want to grow a healthy and strong hair after all?

For those who would like to try natural elements in growing their hair, you might one to try these few solutions instead of spending a lot of money without really getting an assurance (or maybe getting an assurance but not really achieving the results the way they were promised).

Goto Kola. This is a popular Chinese herb that eases the problem on hair loss and balding conditions that are either caused by genetics or just plain aging. Moreover, it is not only known to prevent and treat hair loss, it is good for our general health. It could enhance our memory, regulate blood circulation, heal wounds, and cure insomnia.

Ginseng. Ginseng is of no difference with goto kola. It prevents and treats hair growth, and is beneficial for our health in general.

Foti. While the two is after curing hair loss, this herb, on the other hand, promotes and enhances a healthier hair growth.

As said earlier, no scientific proofs have been offered to support these hair growth solutions, but they were able to help many with their hair matters. However, it is always emphasized that a healthy and well-balanced diet should always support whatever process or method you do for your hair.


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