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If you not only want to experience hair growth over a period of time but make it shinier and healthier as well, then you might want to take in hair growth supplements and add it to your regular diet. These supplements are intended to be taken in a daily basis and contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals required to promote faster and healthier hair growth. These supplements are also typically formulated to be suitable for all hair types although there are indeed a couple of them that are specially made for one specific hair type. These supplements may just be all that you need to hasten the natural and healthier growth of your hair.

The thing is that even people who make it a point to stick to a healthy and well balanced diet may not be receiving the necessary minerals and vitamins required for an accelerated and healthy hair growth. Hair growth supplements that you can just take in to supplement your diet are specially formulated to achieve this particular purpose. The secret behind these products is that they do not only accelerate hair growth, but promotes a healthy scalp ideal for a faster and healthier hair growth.

There are two kinds of vitamins that are widely used as hair growth supplements in the market today. This includes inocitol which can keep your hair follicles healthy and niacin which is well known for its effectiveness in improving blood circulation throughout the scalp.

In addition to the vitamins mentioned, there are also minerals being used for hair growth supplements. To mention a few, this includes Zinc that combines with Vitamin A in order to protect your hair from dryness and breakage. Sulfur, copper and silica are also some of the most common minerals specifically formulated in these supplement that not only promotes a lengthier hair but a stronger and more durable one as well. 

There are certainly many more minerals and vitamins that can be used as a supplement for hair growth aside from the ones mentioned in this article. Now it is indeed true that each one of these can be found in various kinds of food but taking advantage of hair growth supplements still remains to be the most ideal way of making sure that you hair is actually receiving the necessary vitamins and minerals for a faster and healthier hair growth.

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