How would you rate your hair growth?

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If you are to rate hair growth, your own hair growth, how would you think you would rate it from scale 1 to 10? How have you been taking care of your hair? How have you grown it? Do you think you’ve done a pretty good job?

I will personally rate hair growth at 9. Precisely, my hair growth isn’t really perfect, but I believe I have a job well done, a care well manifested when it comes to my hair’s health. If the normal growth of hair is around half inch in a month, then I’m pretty sure nothing is inhibiting my hair growth. Strength wise, though I must admit I shed quite a large number of hairs in a day, I could say that my hair don’t easily break ant it is not prone to damage. Perhaps the hair I’m losing each day is typically normal for someone who has great hair volume. Because if not, I should have been balding or having patches in my scalp now. Blessedly or fortunately, I remain to have high density hair despite of such hair loss. I believe I have soft and shiny hair, although sometimes it has the tendency to dry especially if I didn’t use conditioner or moisturizer, or if I have been vastly exposed to sunlight which I think really causes hair dryness.

So how do I maintain a healthy hair that makes me rate hair growth that confidently? My secrets are quite simple, and are mostly not really secrets but just common things many fail to acknowledge.

Healthy diet is at the top of my list. If diet is not proper, everything else in the body follows to function improperly. Protein is very essential as it enhances healthy growth to hair that is also naturally composed of protein. I eat yogurt almost everyday. Not only do I love yogurt, it is rich in protein too.

I am not a coffee lover; this is one thing that benefits me. Coffee contains caffeine; caffeine dehydrates the body. A dehydrated body incapacitates the hair to release harmful substances it has absorbed. I quench my thirst through water – lots of water. Water, on the other hand, helps flush out those harmful substances.

Finally, I treat my hair with hot oil regularly. I usually use coconut oil, it helps maintain the shine and softness of my hair.

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